This is Me..

Hey Everyone!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  Blogging is a new path that I have decided to take. I love to write and communicate with other and I have a story and a background that I feel should be shared and could possibly help others.  Along side my story this blog will also be about life kids, marriage, beauty, current hot topics, foods, etc..etc…  I like to be versatile lol.

So a little about me.  My name is April. I’m 25 years old.   I’m a wife.  My husband and I have been married since 2011 but together since 2006.  We have 2 beautiful children.   Our son is 5 and our daughter is 3.  We currently live in PA.   However we were both born and raised in MD.   My hobbies are anything relaxing really.   I love electronics,  reading,  writing, cosmetics, purses, food (oh my goodness how I Love food  lol) and animals.   I work as an Account Receivable Representative for a hospital. 

One of the major things that this blog will be about is medical problems.   In the past 2.5 years my life has turn completely on its head.   I have always had medical problems since a kid, but in the past 10+ years or so(mainly the past 2.5) those problems have doubled……no tripled..  

The main purpose of this blog is to reach out to ones that are going through tough times,  ones that feel like they need a friend,  ones that need a laugh,  ones that are just looking for that extra pick me up during the day.   Whatever it is that you or someone else is looking for in a blog I’m hoping that you find it here.   I love meeting new people, being able to help people and being to learn from others and thats what im hoping to accomplish from this blog.

I hope this gives you a brief intro on who I am,  things I like,  what to expect on this blog,  and more. 

Remember life is beautiful and so are you,  no matter what you’re going through.   If no one has told you today,  just know that I love ya

I refuse to sink!


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