Feeling invisible with an invisible illness

Have you ever gone to the doctors and as you’re trying to explain what you’re experiencing you just can’t find the right words. Or when you do have the right words the doctor still looks at you like he or she doesn’t believe a word you’re saying. This can happen when trying to explain things to family and friends as well.. Now close your eyes and imagine that feeling each time you went to the doctor or each time you tried to tell someone what was going on with you.  This is something that someone with an invisible illness lives with on a daily basis. 

What is an invisible illness?  Let me explain the best way I can. An invisible illness is an illness that is not visible from the outside. To list a few: anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar depression, migraines, lupus, heart disease, etc… These are considered an invisible illness because from the outside when you look at someone with one of these illness you may not be able to identify that he or she has that illness. 

Because invisible illnesses are…well…invisible,  many people do not understand them. Well I should say they don’t take the time to listen to try to understand them. All of the above statements have been said to me at least once. Believe it or not a few were said to me by my own doctors. 

In the past 2 and half years I’ve dealt with so many things that were related to my invisible illness that I’ve honestly lost count. I suffer a daily battle from lupus and Pseudotumor Cerebri. I’m in constant pain from one illness or the other. But I would have to say the thing that angers me the most about these illness is not having them, but it’s trying to explain to others that I have them. Yeah, yeah I get it….i don’t always look sick… But that doesn’t mean that I’m not. It doesn’t mean that I’m not hurting or struggling that day or on a daily basis.  

Think of it this way, some people with cancer get chemo and the chemo causes their hair to fall out, causes them to feel weak, look pale etc. And some people that have cancer don’t need chemo at all or choose not to get chemo and live their lives like you and I do.  Does the fact of that person not getting chemo and not “looking ill” change the fact that they have cancer. Heck NO! It just simply means that their cancer is different, less aggressive, not terminal etc… 

What am I getting at??  Everyone needs to open their eyes a bit more and realize that everyone on this earth is dealing with something. Whether it be emotion financial,  medical..anthing. Just because it’s something that you may not understand or may not physically see doesnt make it any less severe or non existent. That person maybe be telling you their problems because they have no one else to talk to. Keep an open mind, loving heart, and kind words always. Because you just never know when your words may be the words that’ll impact someone else’s life. 




3 thoughts on “Feeling invisible with an invisible illness

  1. Hey, I think this post has the power to touch a LOT of people! You should promote this one or something because I feel like it has all the right things to go viral. Good luck! I’ll be following along to see what other important topics you have to write about!


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