New year… Same Me

You know when the new year rolls around and you start hearing people talking about new year resolutions or start hearing or reading “New Year New Me”… It drives me insane. I strongly believe that if someone has a goal or feels like they need to better themselves they should not wait until the new year or a particular date to start making strides toward that goal. 

I’ve never been one that made a new year resolution. I set goals throughout the year and give myself a window of time that I’d like to achieve that goal and I go for it. The past years the only thing that I could really consider a “resolution”  is that I always hope to have better health and more happiness than I did the year before. 

Late last year and this year my goals have been to get my illness a bit more stable, lose some of this weight I’m carrying around, and to try to be happier this year then I was last year. 

Did you have a 2017 resolution or goal? . Do you normally have new year resolutions?  If so, do you normally achieve them?  Leave your responses in the comments. I’d love hear what your plan your 2017 to be. 




2 thoughts on “New year… Same Me

  1. I agree that any time is a good time to set a goal and go for your better self, but I also think the new year has a great energy of renewal and it’s usually a good time to go with the vibe and renew your vows of becoming a better person. I’ve been setting new year goals since 2009, but sometimes they are not really clear and specific goals. I do believe I’ve been making progress to create the life I truly wanna live and be happy during the journey. I hope you do, too.

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